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How to Store Radishes

Short Term Radish Storage

Before refrigerating, remove tops (if present). Package radishes (globes only) in a perforated plastic bag in the hydrator section of the refrigerator; they will hold about 2 weeks.

Radish Long Term Storage

Pack radishes in a container of wet sand and place in a cool, dry location; they will last for months.

Do not freeze or can.

Radish Side Notes

Radishes are classified as spring and winter. Spring radishes are the small ones of bold red, pink, purple or white. They may be globe-shaped or elongated, fiery hot or mild. Winter radishes require a much longer time to mature than spring ones and are larger in size; they may be white, black or green.

There are many varieties of radishes, but the most common ones for spring are: Champion, Red Globe, Icicle, Cherry Belle, Easter Egg, Plum Purple, and Snow Bell. Winter varieties are: Japanese Daikon, China Rose, Round Black Spanish, etc.

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