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Mexican Chorizo

Mexican Chorizo at a Glance


Iberian Peninsula, southwest Europe

Type of Charcuterie

Fresh Sausage

Main Ingredient


Typical Ingredients

Ground pork, salt, vinegar, garlic, chili powder, oregano, cumin, cinnamon, crushed chilies

Other Names

Chorizo de Huetamo, chorizo verde, chorizo fresco, chorizo Atlipano & Bajio, chorizo Guerrero, chorizo Norteno, chorizo Seco, Chistorra, Obispo, longaniza

Mexican Chorizo Description

There are a wide variety of influences that have shaped Mexican cuisine due to the early colonizers in the land as well as trading. As a result, Mexican food has a diverse flavor and style that can be owed to various cultures.

During pre-Columbian times the early Mexicans were exposed to the use of different herbs and chili through trade. These were quickly incorporated as ingredients in many of the dishes they cooked. Another strong influence is that of the Spanish, it is from them that the practice of making sausages known as chorizo was taken.

However, despite the similarity in name, chorizos made by the Mexicans are quite different from the Spanish chorizo. For one, Mexican chorizo is commonly made from firm pork such as the shoulder and does not contain offal. Also its red color comes not just from paprika but from the chilies used as well.

Another difference is that the Spanish chorizo is commonly smoked while the Mexican chorizo is made fresh. Most importantly, the taste of Mexican chorizo is different from Spanish chorizo. The former is a hot and spicy sausage with a bit of tanginess while the latter has a milder and sometimes sweet taste.

Mexican chorizo is made with ground meat that is seasoned with salt, vinegar, garlic, chili powder, oregano, cumin, cinnamon, crushed chilies and other spices. The seasoned meat may be stuffed into casings or cooked as bulk or loose sausages. Being a fresh sausage, Mexican chorizo must be thoroughly cooked before being eaten. It is an important part of Mexican cooking and is served for breakfast lunch and dinner.

One of the most popular ways Mexican chorizo is used is as an addition to scrambled eggs or cheese dips. It's also incorporated with other ground meats for tacos, burritos, chili, burgers and pizza toppings. Mexican chorizo goes well with refried beans, potatoes, tortillas and even rice. Aside from the traditional recipes, it can also be used in more creative ways such as an addition to pasta sauce, in soups, as stuffing for vegetables or even sliced thinly and eaten with bread as a sandwich.

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