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SO-VIDA Sous Vide Container Sleeve

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We were given a SO-VIDA sous vide container sleeve to test out and here are our thoughts. We also have a much more detailed article: SO-VIDA Sous Vide Container Sleeve.

What We Like About the SO-VIDA Sous Vide Container Sleeve

The SO-VIDA sleeve has a really sharp look and feel. It also fits the containers great and is a sturdy, well constructed item. It helps protect your countertop and fits easily over the Rubbermaid sous vide container (it now comes for several different containers).

Using the sleeve reduces the power consumption by about 25%. It's a pretty big number, but the power usage in sous vide is very small to start with, so it'll take awhile to pay off the cost of the sleeve. The insulating sleeve also helps decrease the amount of time that it takes the water to come up to temperature by a few minutes.

What We Don't Like About the SO-VIDA Sous Vide Container Sleeve

As mentioned, the SO-VIDA power savings aren't large enough to pay for the SO-VIDA sleeve, so it shouldn't be your only reason for purchasing it. Also, because the container is no longer clear you can't check in on your food without pulling down the fabric.

Why We Recommend the SO-VIDA Sous Vide Container Sleeve

Overall we think the SO-VIDA sleeve is a very well built, cool looking accessory for your sous vide machine. If you like the look and feel of it, then the power savings and increased heating speed will be nice additions, but it probably isn't worth buying for the power savings alone.

The sleeves come for several containers, including Rubbermaid, Cambro, and Lipavi.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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