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Sous Vide Water Ball Blanket

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Water ball blankets are basically heat-safe ping pong balls that help reduce evaporation and keep in heat. There are many options for sous vide water ball blankets, and this one is made by Smarty Co.

What We Like About the Sous Vide Water Ball Blanket

The biggest benefit to using balls instead of a regular lid is that you can use them in any size or shape of container. A lid can't be transferred if you are doing a different sized cook (or if you upgrade your circulator sometimes) but water balls will work with anything.

These balls are BPA free and it comes with a bag to hold them.

What We Don't Like About the Sous Vide Water Ball Blanket

It can be a pain to get them all out of the water and then dry them off after each cook. If you start to get any mold on them they also aren't that easy to clean. In addition, they take up more room than a flat sous vide lid, both during use inside the container and when you store them.

Why We Recommend the Sous Vide Water Ball Blanket

I personally prefer a set sous vide lid because I always cook in one size of container, but many people swear by using sous vide balls. The versatility of the balls is really nice if you change containers a lot or if you are using something that is hard to get a pre-cut lid for (like a stock pot). They are an all-around great option for people looking for an effective lid for their sous vide machine.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

User Comments on the Sous Vide Water Ball Blanket

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