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Breville | PolyScience HydroPro / HydroPro Plus

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Just a Heads up! At Amazing Food Made Easy we are only home cooks. Since this machine is designed to be used in a professional kitchen we have tried to stick to the objective data on how it functions and more general opinions. For more details on how it would function in your unique professional setting, it's best to talk to other chefs who have used one or the company directly.

The Breville | PolyScience HydroPro and HydroPro Plus circulators are robust immersion circulators designed for professional kitchens. This has not stopped many passionate non-professional sous viders like me, from purchasing one and appreciating its nearly limitless capabilities.

As soon as you remove the HydroPro from its carrying case you can tell from the large color TFT touch display, weight, fit, and finish that this unit is designed for commercial use. The HydroPro Plus also includes a digital needle probe that measures the core temperature of the food in real time. This data can be used to facilitate Delta-T cooking and can also be transferred to the HACCP Manager App via Bluetooth for easy logging and documentation of your sous vide cooks for HACCP compliance.

The following is a brief introduction to some of the impressive features of the HydroPro:

  • The Sous Vide Toolbox - This integrated software simplifies sous vide cooking by using scientific algorithms to calculate time to temperature and pasteurization for a vast range of foods.
  • My Presets - To ensure the repeatability and consistency of your cooks the "My Presets" feature allows the capture of and reuse of cooking parameters.
  • A Powerful Heater and Pump - The 1450-Watt coil-less heating chamber will support bath volumes as large as 45 L (12 gallons). The pump features a 360° adjustable flow direction with a maximum output of 17 L (4.5 gallons) per minute. All this with a temperature stability of 0.1°F (0.1°C ).
  • Simple Maintenance - The HydroPro has a smooth waterproof construction, quick-release clamp, and a magnetic impeller for easy cleaning and descaling. In addition, all removable parts are commercial dishwasher safe.

What We Like About the Breville | PolyScience HydroPro and HydroPro Plus Circulators

The HydroPro is an excellent choice of immersion circulator for the commercial environment. It has both brains and brawn. The large color touch display provides access to the intelligent Sous Vide Toolbox, which uses scientific algorithms to determine time and temperature for cooking and pasteurization. The "My Presets" feature enables the programming and repeatability of the sous vide process. The availability of the probe on the HydroPro Plus supports Delta-T cooking to reduce sous vide cooking times significantly. It also works in conjunction with the HACCP Manager to easily validate HACCP compliance.

The powerful heater and pump, coupled with precision control of the temperature, allows the HydroPro to be used in huge sous vide water baths, ideal for the commercial environment. It has all the commercial certifications and even the IPX7, which protects the unit against accidental submersion. Finally, the HydroPro breaks down easily for cleaning and maintenance.

What We Don't Like About the Breville | PolyScience HydroPro and HydroPro Plus Circulators

What's not to like about the HydroPro!?! This is a truly amazing immersion circulator by every measure. Home cooks might feel that it's expensive, which it is when compared to typical home circulators. But there are no units available for the commercial environment, with this collection of features, anywhere near these price points.

Why We Recommend the Breville | PolyScience HydroPro and HydroPro Plus Circulators

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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