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ChefSteps Joule

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The Joule is an immersion circulator designed and manufactured by ChefSteps. It has both a Bluetooth and WiFi connection to a smartphone which is required to control the unit and uses 1100 watts to heat the water.

What We Like About the Joule

With a 1,100 watt heater, the Joule heats very quickly, in the top 5% of heating times, and has minimal temperature fluctuations. It is a very quiet circulator, while also being efficient power-wise. The smartphone control app is also nicely done and works great with their included guides.

The design of the Joule is very sleek and modern. It is also well made and sturdy. It is very small and takes up little space in the water bath; in addition it also fits into most kitchen drawers. The Joule has both WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities and is priced competitively.

Sous vide salmon carpaccio joule

What We Don't Like About the Joule

The main drawback is the lack of physical controls for the Joule, which may or may not matter to different people. If you don't want WiFi, there are much less expensive options.

Why We Recommend the Joule

The Joule brings a unique design, great performance, and a very solid smartphone app all in a small package and for a competitive price (especially if you go for the less expensive all-white version). If you want WiFi and the lack of physical controls doesn't bother you, we highly recommend it as your circulator of choice.

If you don't want WiFi, then the price can be steep, but the performance and stylish design, not to mention the small size, still may make it right for you.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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