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fusionchef Pearl

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Just a Heads up! At Amazing Food Made Easy we are only home cooks. Since this machine is designed to be used in a professional kitchen we have tried to stick to the objective data on how it functions and more general opinions. For more details on how it would function in your unique professional setting, it's best to talk to other chefs who have used one or the company directly.

The fusionchef Pearl is a commercial grade sous vide circulator. Julabo, the manufacturer of the Pearl, is one of the global leaders in precision temperature control equipment, similar to PolyScience. They have used this experience and expertise to create a premium line of kitchen durable immersion circulators. The circulators are German designed with an exacting level of precision and durability necessary in today's culinary business.

fusionchef, by Julabo, has two commercial circulators, the Pearl and the Diamond. They both have very similar performance capabilities, but the Pearl is the entry-level circulator and has fewer "bells and whistles" than the more intelligent Diamond. Consequently, it is also less expensive and would meet the needs of many professional kitchens.

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What We Like About the fusionchef Pearl Immersion Circulator

On the face of the circulator there is a small tag which reads, "Crafted in Germany" - that says it all! When you pick this thing up, all 11 pounds (5kg), it feels like a tank. It is clear this sous vide circulator has been designed for the rigors of a restaurant or caterer kitchen. Although some of the performance parameters are quite similar to circulators designed for the home cook, there are others that clearly set this apart for commercial use.

The entire unit is built from stainless steel and the protection grid is easily removed for cleaning and maintenance of the pump and heating coil. The high-capacity pump moves the water at 3.7 gal/minute (14 l/min), which will allow container volumes up to 15.32 gal (58 l). This comes in handy if you would like to sous vide more than 60 pounds (27kg) of beef tenderloin at one time!

Other Features of the fusionchef Pearl Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

The unit is quite large, limiting it to use with the larger sous vide containers found in most commercial kitchens.

It's clear that when designing a sous vide immersion circulator for the demanding environment found in a restaurant kitchen, it would have to be more powerful and reliable than the typical home circulator, and consequently, more expensive.

Why We Recommend the fusionchef Pearl Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

If you are a chef with a restaurant or catering business that uses sous vide cooking extensively, this would be an excellent immersion circulator for your use. The machine has the power and capacity for reliably cooking large amounts of product at one time. Moreover, if you don't need the additional intelligence provided in the Diamond circulator, the Pearl would be a great fit.

We would be remiss if we did not mention that we do not recommend the fusionchef Pearl circulator for the typical home cook, unless you regularly are cooking very large quantities of food.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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