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Inkbird ISV-100W

Inkbird is best known for its temperature related products such as temperature, humidity, and PID controllers, data loggers and wireless thermometers. In fact, we have been using their THC-4 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger for years in our Sous Vide Benchmark test.

The Inkbird ISV-100W sous vide immersion circulator is their first foray into the sous vide market. And as you might suspect, Inkbird has leveraged its expertise so that this circulator does an excellent job of controlling the temperature in the water bath.

What We Like About the Inkbird ISV-100W

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As mentioned, the Inkbird temperature accuracy was one of the best we've tested. There was no overshoot as it hit the target temperature and minimal temperature variation for the entire cook time.

The Inkbird ISV-100W immersion circulator has a WiFi connection to its Smart App, which is available on both iPhone and Android. This allows you to set the time and temperature as well as monitor progress throughout the cook. In addition, the unit has an integrated control panel with an LCD screen and four buttons. It is also possible through this control panel to get a limited variety of sous vide cooking times and temperatures.

Finally, the Inkbird circulator is a reasonable size for storing, it's one of the quietest units we've tested and the price is very competitive for a circulator with WiFi.

What We Don't Like About the Inkbird ISV-100W

Even though the Inkbird is rated at 1000 W, its temperature start times put it near the slower end of the competition. Depending on how you use your sous vide machine, this may or may not be an issue for you.

The biggest issue with the Inkbird, and the only reason we hesitate to recommend it, is how un-intuitive the control panel on the Inkbird circulator is. Setting the temperature invovles repeatedly hitting the "set" button until the temperature finally sticks, otherwise it acts like it has been changed but will still be heating to the old temperature.

The "Manual" that comes with the unit is also incomplete and difficult to follow, especially for looking up times and temperatures.

It is also their first foray into the sous vide arena, so we would like to gather some additional history on the reliability of the unit.

Why We Recommend the Inkbird ISV-100W

Outside of the control panel issues, this is a very nice circulator, but the issues setting the temperature keep it from being a Top Pick or Highly Recommended Pick. If they release some firmware to fix the unintuitive interface, then we would definitely upgrade this circulator.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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