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Joerid SV288 Thermal Immersion Circulator

This item is highly recommended

The Joerid SV288 is a relatively low cost sous vide immersion circulator with 1000 W of power. It has a LCD Touch Panel for setting the time and temperature for the cook.

What We Like About the Joerid Thermal Immersion Circulator

The Joerid Circulator has a lot going for it. It heats the water very quickly, near the fast-end of the spectrum. The variability in water temperature and the power usage were also all in the typical range.

The Joerid sous vide machine is on the small side, making it convenient and easy to store, and it doesn't take up much room in the water bath. The mix/max water line also has enough clearance to normally not be an issue.

The controls aren't too intuitive, and it took me a few tries to get them down, but once I did they were easy to use. So expect to read the manual or accidentally turn it off a few times at first, but then it will be smooth sailing.

The buttons are responsive and pretty easy to set the temperature. It also has Fahrenheit to Celsius, which is very helpful.

The Joerid Thermal Immersion Circulator is also very quiet, which is always something high on my priority list of features because I live in a New Your City in small apartment... my "office" is basically in the kitchen so it is always amplified!

It did get louder when doing the initial heating up to 185°F (85°C) but it still wasn't as loud as some.

What We Don't Like About the Joerid Thermal Immersion Circulator

The biggest issue with the Joerid sous vide machine is that it has a required timer and an automated timer shutoff. You can read more about why these are generally inconvenient and potentially unsafe, respectively, in my article on Mistakes Made in Designing Sous Vide Machines. Luckily, it does store the timer settings between cooks, so you can just set it to 99 hours and get around the issues in most cases.

The clamp is also too small for the lip of wider containers. I can usually get it to work, but if you have a wide lip on your water bath, it may not fit over it.

The controls and display are also on the top of the machine, making it hard for children, shorter people, or people in wheelchairs to use the device.

Why We Recommend the Joerid Thermal Immersion Circulator

I was very impressed with the Joerid Thermal Immersion Circulator. It does a lot of things right.

The small size, sleek design, quiet operation and decent heating are all big pluses and make it a great machine. However, as mentioned the required timer and automated shutoff can be inconvenient and lead to unsafe situations, though that can largely be mitigated by setting the timer to 99 hours.

I test many, many sous vide machines, and the Joerid Thermal Immersion Circulator is currently one that is still on my counter and that I use again and again. With an $80 price tag, it's near the inexpensive end of circulators and it is a sous vide machine I highly recommend.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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