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SousVide Art Immersion Circulator 1000W

The SousVide Art™ Immersion Circulator Cooker is an inexpensive, 1000W, "stick-type" circulator. One thing the makes it unique is that it is sold as an All-In-One Sous Vide Starter kit, which includes the circulator, clips, cookbook, sealer pump and 15 bags - everything you need to get started sous viding right away.

What We Like About the SousVide Art™ Cooker

The SousVide Art Cooker is nice and small, taking up very little space when it is being stored. It also leaves plenty of room in the water bath for food. It's great for people with smaller storage or who like a sleeker device.

The buttons are responsive and pretty easy to set the temperature. It also has Fahrenheit to Celsius, which is very helpful.

It seems to heat at a decent speed and hold the temperature very consistent. Though due to the global quarantine we have been unable to run it through our benchmark tests yet. We will update this review when we are able to, but we haven't found any red flags during normal usage.

The SousVide Art™ Cooker is also very quiet, which is always something high on my priority list of features because I live in a small apartment.

What We Don't Like About the SousVide Art™ Cooker

The biggest issue with the SousVide Art™ Cooker is that it has a required timer and an automated timer shutoff. You can read more about why these are generally inconvenient and potentially unsafe, respectively, in my article on Mistakes Made in Designing Sous Vide Machines.

I never like to say what is "right" though, so I wanted to share their response to my concerns so you can make your own decision about what you'd like in your machine:

It is not possible to disable the timer on the cooker without interrupting the heating/cooking process. And in our opinion, this is absolutely the right technical solution.

Thanks to this decision, at any time, you can find out how much time is left until the end of cooking by looking at the cooker's screen.

The validity of such a solution is understood and used by most manufacturers of household and kitchen appliances in their products. Ovens, microwaves, washing machines, smokers, slow cookers, etc., at the end of the set time, turn off the work or the cooking process.

Also, we do not think that turning off the cooker/cooking process at the end of the set cooking time is a technical error. In the settings of the SousVide Art™ cooker, you can program the cooking time up to 72 hours, so, as a rule, there is no need to leave the cooker on without a timer for a longer time. The longest cooking time that can be found in the recipes of many respected chefs is 48 hours. Therefore, it makes no sense to turn on the cooker in the cooking mode without setting a timer.

Another minor issue is that it doesn't store timer or temperature information if you hit the start/stop button, or turn the machine on and off. It's always easier to use a machine that stores the information between cooks. This is especially true due to the required timer, since it resets to 4 hours every time and needs to be manually bumped up long enough to not shut off the cook.

The controls and display are also on the top of the machine, making it hard to children, shorter people, or people in wheelchairs to use the device.

Overall Impressions of the SousVide Art™ Cooker

The SousVide Art™ Cooker does a lot of things right. The small size, sleek design, quiet operation and decent heating are all big pluses and make it a great machine. However, as mentioned the required timer and automated shutoff can be inconvenient and lead to unsafe situations.

If you personally don't mind the timer and shutoff, then the SousVide Art is a very good machine and we would definitely recommend it.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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