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SousVide Supreme Touch+

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Sous Vide Supreme was one of the first manufacturers to bring sous vide cooking to the home kitchen with the release of their SousVide Supreme water oven. They have recently released a greatly updated version of that iconic sous vide machine called the SousVide Supreme Touch+. It incorporates a variety of new features which makes it quite easy to use.

What We Like About the Sous Vide Supreme Touch+

The Sous Vide Supreme Touch+ now includes integrated WiFi, a clear-view lid, a touch sensitive control panel, scarya smartphone app and Alexa compatibility. Since it does not have a pump it is extremely quiet and also carries an attractive 5-year warranty. The Touch+ has adequate power, temperature control, and capacity at 3 gallons (11L). It is quite easy to use, energy efficient, and has a unique look that is attractive to some people.

What We Don't Like About the Sous Vide Supreme Touch+

The high price is the biggest negative to the Sous Vide Supreme Touch+. It also has more temperature fluctuation and slower start-up times than most wand-style circulators, but not enough that most people would notice. It isn't as flexible as wand circulators, since it has a built in water bath. Whether in use or not it takes up a fairly large chunk of counterspace, which could be an issue for people with smaller kitchens.

Why We Recommend the Sous Vide Supreme Touch+

For many years the Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven was a top sous vide machine, but as prices have come down on the other circulators, it becomes harder to recommend. It is still on our list because of the ability to do things that wand circulators simply can't do, such as poach, make stocks and soups, etc. If this is important to you, then the Sous Vide Supreme Touch+ will do a great job and you'll get your money's worth. However, if you mainly do standard sous vide cooking, or if you are just getting started, we recommend spending less money, and getting a better machine, on one of our top picks like the ChefSteps Joule or Anova Nano.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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