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VacMaster SV10

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Just a Heads up! At Amazing Food Made Easy we are only home cooks. Since this machine is designed to be used in a professional kitchen we have tried to stick to the objective data on how it functions and more general opinions. For more details on how it would function in your unique professional setting, it's best to talk to other chefs who have used one or the company directly.

The VacMaster SV10 is a professional grade sous vide circulator, designed to be mainly used in professional kitchens. After running one through our benchmark tests and hands-on testing, here are our thoughts.

What We Like About the VacMaster SV10

The 1300 watt heater leads to the fastest startup time of any circulator, at 15 minutes and 50 seconds. It also made the second temperature jump very quickly, making it a very versitile machine if you need to cook at various temperatures, or recover the temperature after adding larger amounts of food. It can also handle up to 10.5 gallons of water, making it great for professional kitchens.

The VacMaster SV10 is also pretty quiet for a large, professional machine. The interface was easy to use and set up, though it does default to an automatic timer you have to remember to turn off every time you use it.

It also comes with a built-in probe, making it easy to measure the internal temperature of the food.

What We Don't Like About the VacMaster SV10

The biggest downside to the VacMaster SV10 and VacMaster SV5 is that their temperature stability is much poorer than most other circulators, especially ones at this price. The SV10 varies by 0.7°F, from 140.2°F to 140.9°F in our tests. That compares to Vesta Units at 0.2°F and PolyScience at 0.1°F.

This temperature variation is most likely due to the way the heater works in the VacMaster machines, it's very much an "all or nothing" heater that lets the temperature drop slightly before kicking on full blast. Many other machines run the heater more often, at a lower temperature, and don't let the temperature drop as far. The overall power consumption was inline with other circulators, coming in between the PolyScience and Vesta machines.

Why We Recommend the VacMaster SV10

The Vacmaster SV10 is a powerful machine with a strong heater capable of heating large quantities of water. The temperature stability is not as precise as in other machines, which may affect the quality depending on the foods you are cooking. It is also quiet, easy to use, and does come with a built in probe.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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