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Vesta Imersa

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The Vesta Imersa is the entry point of a line of immersion circulators manufactured by Vesta Precision. This line of circulators includes those designed for both the consumer and commercial markets, which range in price from $149 up to $629. The Vesta Imersa is similar to many circulators today with the circular "stick like" shape.

What We Like About the Vesta Imersa Circulator

It has 900 W of heating capacity with a pump which allows it to work with a water bath of up to 5 gallons (19L). The Imersa has both digital touch manual controls as well as a WiFi connection to a smartphone app. The unit as a variety of safety features. The Imersa has a sleek and modern contemporary design.

The Vesta Imersa had about average performance in our Sous Vide Machine Benchmark. Its temperature start times were on the slow end of the spectrum, but its temperature accuracy was quite competitive.

What We Don't Like About the Vesta Imersa Circulator

The only main negative is that the upward facing control panel makes it hard to see from a distance, or if a shorter person or child is using it.

Why We Recommend the Vesta Imersa Circulator

The Vesta Imersa is another one of the many sous vide immersion circulators that will work great for the home sous vider. It does not have anything particular that sets it apart from the many others in the field, but it will get the job done just fine.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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