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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

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A good cast iron skillet is a great tool for successful post-sous vide searing. There are many options but we recommend the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.

What We Like About the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

At 10" wide and 5.6 pounds, the Lodge is on the medium side for a cast iron skillet, which makes it easier to maneuver. It comes with a slide on silicon handle, which also makes it safer to use without burning your hand. It comes pre-seasoned and is pretty easy to take care of. Like most cast iron, it holds in the heat well and quickly sears any meat you put into it. It can also be heated hotter than some other pans without warping or searing.

What We Don't Like About the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

While not specific to this pan, the biggest downside to cast iron is the need to keep it seasoned and conditioned. It's a trade off for all cast iron tools.

Why We Recommend the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron is almost universally regarded as the best material to sear on. Because sous vided food is already cooked, keeping the sear as short as possible is ideal, and the cast iron can get really, really hot and keep that sear really quick.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

User Comments on the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

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