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Large Pots for Sous Vide

This item is highly recommended

Large pots are an easy solution for you to use for sous viding.

What We Like About Using Large Pots for Sous Vide

The biggest advantage is that you probably already have at least one of these, which makes a pot the ideal water bath for someone getting started. Almost any sized pot will work, though we have found that a 10 to 12 quart pot is ideal for most cooking. Larger pots also work well if you have a strong enough circulator.

Pots are also very inexpensive to purchase and can be used for normal cooking in addition to sous vide.

What We Don't Like About Using Large Pots for Sous Vide

A pot is less efficient at keeping the heat in than some of the other sous vide containers, which means the immersion circulator will end up using more energy and heating up the water more slowly.

Most pots are also round, which isn't the ideal shape for holding food for sous vide. You also can't use the pot lid to reduce evaporation, though you can still use ping pong balls or plastic wrap.

Why We Recommend Using Large Pots for Sous Vide

We recommend starting with a large pot for sous vide because many people already have them on hand. Once you have learned whether or not you sous vide often, then you can make the additional investment into a dedicated sous vide container. If you don't have a large pot already, we recommend the Granite Ware 12-Quart Stock Pot.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

User Comments on the Large Pots for Sous Vide

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