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LIPAVI 12 Quart Sous Vide Container

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LIPAVI is another maker of polycarbonate containers. They have been mainly focused on the commercial kitchen market but have been moving into the consumer market lately as well.

What We Like About the LIPAVI 12 Quart Sous Vide Container

Similar to the other 12 quart containers, the LIPAVI container is about 12" x 10" and 8" deep, which is a great size for a family of 2 to 5 to use. You can cook a decent amount of steak or chicken in it or a smaller-sized pork loin. It also heats up faster because of the smaller size, which uses less energy. It's also transparent, which makes it easy to look at the food and ensure that it is staying under water and not leaking.

Polycarbonate has several advantages. It holds in heat much better than metal pots and they are also lightweight but heavy duty. Polycarbonate is also designed to hold up to high temperatures, which means there is no warping or leakage of potentially dangerous chemicals into the water. The container itself also has a ridge around it for added stability. However, if you have hard water, it can be more difficult to clean.

LIPAVI also sells many pre-cut lids that go with their containers. Using a lid is very helpful on long cooks to reduce evaportation. They also have a rack system that goes with their containers, keeping your food stable and separated from each other.

What We Don't Like About the LIPAVI 12 Quart Sous Vide Container

LIPAVI can be slightly more expensive than Cambro or Rubbermaid, but the pre-cut lids help make up for this. It can be on the small size for larger meats, like ribs or a whole pork shoulder. It can also be a little unwieldy to store, since it is a large container. Moving it around when full of water is also more difficult due to the lack of handles.

Why We Recommend the LIPAVI 12 Quart Sous Vide Container

I've used a LIPAVI container for several years in conjunction with a Cambro 12 Quart Container and I like both of them very much. If you do buy this container, I highly recommend you also pick up a LIPAVI lid to go with it.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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