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Tuxton Chef Series Sous Vide Pot

The Tuxton company is a leading supplier of high quality ceramic dinnerware, ovenware, and stainless steel cookware products to retailers and restaurants worldwide. They are now marketing products under the name "Tuxton Home" with the tagline, "Bringing restaurant quality to the home...and guaranteed for a lifetime". Their first foray into the sous vide arena is their Chef Series Sous Vide Pot, which they sent us one so that we could evaluate it.

What We Like About the Tuxton Chef Series Sous Vide Pot

The Sous Vide Pot it is a high quality, 9.8 quart specialty stockpot. The thing that sets it apart from other quality stockpots is the unique lid which allows it to be an efficient water bath for sous vide cooking. This multi-use capability is what's touted the most by Tuxton and its features include:

  • Lid is tempered glass: This provides some visibility of the contents of the pot for the cook.
  • Lid is silicone rimmed: This allows the lid to seal tightly onto the pot, reducing the loss of heat and water throughout the cooking cycle.
  • Lid has an adapter hole: This 2.4" diameter hole allows an immersion circulator to be inserted into the pot for sous vide cooking. When using the stockpot in a traditional manner, this hole can be plugged by using the included stainless steel stopper.

The pot itself has several great features such as:

  • Triple clad construction: The pot has a heat-responsive aluminum core sandwiched between an easy-care nonreactive 304 stainless steel interior, and an induction-friendly 430 stainless steel exterior.
  • Handles are welded on: This makes them easy to clean and crevice free.
  • Wide compatibility: The pot is compatible with induction, electric, gas, halogen, and ceramic stoves.
  • Oven safe: The pot is oven safe to 500°F, the lid to 350°F.
  • Dishwasher safe: Easy to clean in the dishwasher.

The Tuxton also looks more "kitchen-y" than a plastic container of water, which might be more to your style.

What We Don't Like About the Tuxton Chef Series Sous Vide Pot

The Tuxton Sous Vide Pot is better than most stock pots for sous vide cooking, but like all stock pots it does lack a few features that we enjoy from our recommended sous vide container systems. With the metal sides you can't look in on the food as it is cooking, both to ensure it is below the waterline and hasn't opened. The round shape also fits less food than the more common rectangle containers.

The Tuxton is also less efficient than many of the polycarbonate containers because it radiates more heat, which slightly affects both energy consumption and heating speed. Most energy comparisons in sous vide are dealing in cents per day, so it's not a big issue but is still something to be aware of. The radiating heat also means that for hot cooks you have a 150°F to 185°F piece of metal on the counter, which can quickly scald if bumped.

The Tuxton Pot is also very expensive at $120 for the pot and lid, about triple most other containers systems.

When We Recommend the Tuxton Chef Series Sous Vide Pot

If you really like the look of a stock pot on your counter over a polycarbonate container, or have a small kitchen and need to consolidate your sous vide container into something you can use for multiple purposes, then the Tuxton Sous Vide Pot should work out great for you. However, for most sous viders there are many less expensive, and in several ways better, options for water bath containers.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

User Comments on the Tuxton Chef Series Sous Vide Pot

Have you used the Tuxton Chef Series Sous Vide Pot? Let us know what you thought of it!

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