Maximum Flavor: Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook

Maximum flavor

Maximum Flavor: Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook by Ali Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot focuses on recipes and techniques that can help anyone make better meals every day. Maximum Flavor will encourage you to experiment, taste, play with your food, and discover again why cooking and eating are so fascinating and fun.

Maximum Flavors clearly lays out some surprisingly simple tips that can help home cooks take their cooking to a new level. The rational and logic behind each dish is clearly explained in an intro, so you can take the "why" and apply to preparations beyond the recipe. The Maximum Flavors cookbook contains 75 color photographs that show both step-by-step processes and finished dishes.

The authors, Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozawa, are husband-and-wife chefs and the forces behind the popular blog Ideas in Food and the Kitchen Alchemy column of Popular Science magazine. They have made a living out of being inquisitive in the kitchen. Their culinary pedigree includes Clio in Boston and a slew of smaller kitchens and consultancies. In the modernist cyber kitchens, Alex and Aki are royalty.

Alex and Aki do a good job of taking comprehensive kitchen science principles and making them accessible for home cooks. Maximum Flavors does not contain 30 minute meals; some processes take time, but that doesn't mean they are time consuming! Their goal is delicious food and they succeed!

Maximum Flavors is another culinary treasurer to add to the library of useful kitchen tomes for both culinary professionals and basic home cooks. Maximum Flavor is chalked full of insightful information that you will not just discover on your own. The techniques, recipes, and blurbs that Aki and Alex include are all bulletproof for any kitchen! Not just a good read cover to cover, but Maximum Flavors is an amazing reference tool.

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