Snake River Farms Prime Beef Review

I was recently hired by Snake River Farms to create a How-To video showing how to sous vide prime rib. They sent me an 11 pound and a 14 pound bone-in American Gold Wagyu prime rib roast (it also comes without the bone) to do the video with and I was really impressed with their beef.

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If you are interested in cooking prime rib with sous vide but you're not sure how (regardless of who's beef you are using) you can see the video I created below.

As part of the deal I got to try out several types of their meat, which was all excellent.

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Their steak is comparably priced to other prime beef and I've been extremely happy with the quality of it. The marbling is exceptional and the meat is incredibly rich and beefy. I think their beef is a very good "special occasion" beef when you are looking to enjoy an extraordinary cut.

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They have multiple levels of quality, including prime Northwest Beef, American Wagyu, and dry aged versions of both. If you are interested in trying it out, I highly recommend trying something like the prime grilling collection or you can pick up an amazing ribeye in any of their grades including Northwest Ribeye, Gold Wagyu ribeye, or dry aged prime ribeye.

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Best of all, their meat comes shipped in a nice cooler box with dry ice, which I always like playing with!

Seriously though, the packaging is really impressive with multiple layers of insulation, the majority of which is recyclable. They also didn't have any styrofoam, which is always a bonus.

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As I mentioned at the start, I was paid to create the how-to video but I was thoroughly impressed with their beef and I'll definitely be ordering from there again. If you're looking for a really good selection of meat, I highly recommend giving Snake River Farms a look.

Be sure to check out my sous vide prime rib recipe web story.

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