The Best Cast Iron Pans for Sous Vide Searing

One of the best ways to sear food after sous vide is by using a cast iron pan. But which cast iron pan is best? After a decade of sous viding, here are a few of my favorites!

Stargazer Cast Iron Pans

Stargazer pans are my go-to pan at home. I first heard of them at the annual Sous Vide Summit and was blown away by their quality. I've been using them ever since and had no issues with food sticking, cleaning them, or keeping them look great.

Plus they sear like a champ!

Sous vide pan searing 49

Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge makes some great, inexpensive cast iron skillets. They are well made and hold heat great. Before switching to Stargazer I used Lodge for several years.

It comes with a slide on silicon handle, which also makes it safer to use without burning your hand. It comes pre-seasoned and is pretty easy to take care of.

Sous vide pan searing 7

Those are a few of my favorite cast iron pans to use for sous vide searing. Let me know below which ones you turn to for the perfect sear!

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