Rapid Caviar Maker

Caviar maker

If you're really into spherification created caviar you might be interested in this handy piece of molecular gastronomy equipment. It's normally called a "Caviar Maker" or sometimes a "Pipetting Device". If you want to produce large amounts of caviar this is the most efficient way to do it.

The purpose of the device is to accelerate the creation of caviar. This is done by having a multiple number of elements creating drops at one time. Some devices do this with the use of multiple syringes. Others accomplish it with one syringe and multiple dropping points, normally 96.

Where To Buy a Rapid Caviar Maker

One of the lower cost caviar makers is the Rapid Molecular Caviar Maker Kit. This model dispenses 96 droplets of spherification liquid at a time. It includes the caviar maker, plastic tubing, a 35cc syringe and enough ingredients to make 17 cups of caviar. The specific ingredients are 50 g Sodium Alginate, 20 g Calcium Chloride and 10 g Xanthan Gum.

This Rapid Caviar Maker Kit is also available at Modernist Pantry.
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