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Sous Vide Mexican

When the term sous vide is mentioned it is most commonly associated with dishes like steak. However, there is a wide range of use for this culinary technique and it can be applied to many different cuisines, including Mexican. This Spanish Mesoamerican fusion cooking makes use of a lot of beans, corn, grains and meat from domesticated animals, making it a good candidate for sous vide.

Basically, any and all of the meats used in Mexican dishes can be processed through sous vide. Beef, pork, chicken, sheep and goat can all benefit from the slow cooking and tenderizing of sous vide. Whether the meat is to be used for a torta, burrito, taco, quesadilla, fajita, enchilada or even a soup or stew, it can easily be seasoned, bagged and placed in a water bath to prep it.

Aside from the meat, frijoles or beans and other vegetables that are used widely for Mexican dishes can also be cooked sous vide. Both meat and vegetables benefit from the use of sous vide since they get the right amount of cooking. These can also be made ahead of time, stored and used later to create the savory, rich and earthy flavors found in Mexican food.

Sous Vide Mexican Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Pinto Beans Recipe

Sous Vide Pinto Beans Recipe image Sous vide refried beans are a culinary marvel, elevating the humble legume into a luxurious dish bursting with flavor and creamy texture. By immersing the beans in a precisely controlled water bath for an extended period, typically around 24 hours, the flavors deepen and meld together, resulting in a velvety consistency that traditional stovetop methods often struggle to achieve.

131°F Sous Vide Top Round Tacos Recipe

131°F Sous Vide Top Round Tacos Recipe image Sous vide top round tacos are an inexpensive way to enjoy a good steak taco. It was cooked at 131°F (55°C) for just over 48 hours, rendering it really tender. I spice it up with some garlic powder, paprika and cumin, then add a ton of flavor with the taco toppings.

Shredded Sous Vide Pork Tacos Recipe

Shredded Sous Vide Pork Tacos  Recipe image My wife is a huge fan of tacos, so I try to make them for her when I can. I love shredded pork so it's often my go-to meat to use in them. You can cook the pork however you like, but I love a good sous vide pork shoulder, it has more bite to it than a pressure cooked version would...though if you want to smoke it traditionally, go right ahead!

Tortilla Soup with Shredded Sous Vide Pork Recipe

Tortilla Soup with Shredded Sous Vide Pork Recipe image My wife loves a rich and spicy tortilla soup so I've been working on a go-to recipe I can make for her. There's lots of ingredients, so it can look intimidating, but it is actually really easy to put together. The magic begins by sous viding a pork shoulder or pork butt to shred in the soup! The smell of the soup cooking on the stove will also fill your house with anticipation for dinner! This recipe makes a ton of soup, but it is real easy to freeze the leftovers for easy meals in a week or two.

Sous Vide Beef Carnitas with Tangerine-Chipotle Sauce

Sous Vide Beef Carnitas with Tangerine-Chipotle Sauce image I turn the sous vided brisket or chuck roast into shredded beef for flavorful carnitas covered in a sweet and spicy tangerine-chipotle sauce. I serve them with corn tortillas and avocado so they are easy to pick up and eat.

Sous Vide Shredded Chicken Thigh Enchiladas

Sous Vide Shredded Chicken Thigh Enchiladas image This recipe takes sous vide cooked chicken thighs and combines it with a tomatillo-based verde sauce for excellent enchiladas. These enchiladas are also convenient to prepare because each step can be done ahead of time.

Sous Vide Steak Quesadillas Recipe

Sous Vide Steak Quesadillas Recipe image One of my wife's favorite foods is quesadillas, luckily for me they are easy to make and can have a lot of variety. For sous vide quesadillas you simply cook the meat ahead of time then assemble the quesadillas when you are ready to eat.

Sous Vide Chicken Mole Recipe

Sous Vide Chicken Mole Recipe image Since publishing our Beginning Sous Vide book many people have commented on the Sous Vide Chicken Mole recipe. I thought I'd reproduce it here so people can get a taste of the more complicated recipes we have in the book. While the book has a focus on simple and easy to make sous vide recipes we also wanted to make sure there were a number of more complex recipes.

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