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Everie Sous Vide Lids

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What We Like About the Everie Sous Vide Lids

I'm a big fan of the hinged lid, it makes it really easy to get things in and out of the bath without getting the counter wet, especially since I have very little counter space. Like all sous vide lids, it prevents evaporation, which is a huge help.

Having the hole pre-cut is a nice convienence and saves you the time of doing it yourself (if you even have the tools). I also like that they give you the option of having either a center hole or a side hole. People seem split on what they prefer so it's nice to have both options.

The lids feel sturdy and are rigid, which makes them easier to handle than some of the plastic lids. The Everie also fits very snugly because it is custom cut for specific circulators.

What We Don't Like About the Everie Sous Vide Lids

Because the lid is cut only for specific circulators (currently Anova Precision Cooker and ChefSteps Joule) it can be a little hard to tell if it will work for other circulators. It does work with many other brands, mainly because they used Anova as their design base, but you do need to check ahead of time.

The lids also only fit the Rubbermaid 12 Quart container, though they are supposed to have some for the Cambro container in late 2017.

Why We Recommend the Everie Sous Vide Lids

Having a pre-cut lid that matches your circulator and sous vide machine is very nice and the Everie fits the bill with a strong, well made lid. If you have the rubbermaid container and a circulator Everie supports then we highly recommend them.

The versions available are:

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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