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Vesta Imersa Elite

This item is highly recommended

The Vesta Imersa Elite is one of two consumer circulators in a line of immersion circulators manufactured by Vesta Precision. This line of circulators includes those designed for both the consumer and commercial markets, which range in price from $149 up to $629. The Vesta Imersa Elite has a unique "Flip-display" design which clearly differentiates it from the majority of the consumer immersion circulators on the market today.

What We Like About the Vesta Imersa Elite Circulator

Flip display design

The Vesta Imersa Elite as a foldable flip-display design which provides larger, more readable display, easier time and temperature setting, avoidance of electronics-invading steam and storage in a standard kitchen drawer. The display has large LED numbers which are readable from quite a distance and the touch panel has numerous switches which makes it intuitive as to how to set the target time and temperature.

In addition to the outstanding control panel, the Vesta Imersa Elite can be connected via WiFi to an iOS or Android app. It has 900 W of heating capacity with a pump which allows it to work with a water bath of up to 5 gallons (19L).

The Vesta Imersa Elite had about average performance in our Sous Vide Machine Benchmark. Its temperature start times were on the slow end of the spectrum, but its temperature accuracy was competitive.

What We Don't Like About the Vesta Imersa Elite Circulator

The only negative we experienced with the Vesta Elite was that while the control panel was convienent for setting it, it did somewhat get in the way when putting bags in and viewing them. This may only be a factor for shorter people and children though.

While not a huge negative, there also are currently no lids made to fit the circulator. This means you will need to use plastic wrap, balls, or a custom lid to cover your water bath.

Why We Recommend the Vesta Imersa Elite Circulator

The Vesta Imersa Elite is another one of the many sous vide immersion circulators that will work great for the home sous vider. The unique foldable design and WiFi capability of the Elite provide numerous benefits when it comes to setting and monitoring the time and temperature of your cook.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

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