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All-Clad 41106 Stainless Steel Pan

This item is highly recommended

A heavy, solid pan works great for searing food that has been sous vided. There are many options but for stainless steel we recommend the All-Clad 41106 Pan.

What We Like About the All-Clad 41106 Pan

All-Clad sells some of the best kitchenware in the industy and their stainless steel pan is no different. At 10" wide and 3.5 pounds, the All-Clad is on the medium side of pans and is easy to handle. It also works well on an induction cooktop and cleans up easily for a stainless steel pan. You can also get this pan really hot, making the post-sous vide sear much faster and leading to less over-cooking.

What We Don't Like About the All-Clad 41106 Pan

An all-around awesome pan, but stainless steel can sometimes be difficult to clean.

Why We Recommend the All-Clad 41106 Pan

All-Clad makes some of the best equipment, and this pan fits the bill. It's heavy enough to hold in the heat and sear your food really well. The high price of the All-Clad is the only thing that moves it out of our Top Picks to the Recommended category, since it's hard to beat paying $100 less for the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, our Top Pick.

If it sounds right for you, buy one today!

User Comments on the All-Clad 41106 Stainless Steel Pan

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