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How Much Bread Crumbs are in a Slice of Bread

When preparing to follow a new recipe, it can be confusing if you're not sure exactly how much bread crumbs are in one slice of bread or how many slices make 1 cup. In order to help make cooking easier we did some experiments to help tell you exactly how many slices of bread you need to use.

To answer How many slices of bread in a cup of bread crumbs we chose 1 slice of typical sandwich bread for our measurements. You can use almost any kind of bread to make breadcrumbs, but crusty French or Italian bread is a popular choice. In addition you can get creative and use things like rolls, crackers or vanilla wafers - just remember that your end dish will be different.

The moisture content of bread can greatly impact the amount of bread crumbs you measure. For example, it is harder to make small bread crumbs out of fresh bread because of a higher moisture content, so the measured quantity is greater. We looked at 3 different types of bread crumbs that you might need to make.

  • Dried bread crumbs. We found that 1 slice of dried bread yields ¼ cup of fine dry bread crumbs. To reach the 1 cup mark we needed 4 slices of bread.
  • Dry bread crumbs are made from breads which have been baked or toasted to crisp them up. To dry bread, place on a baking sheet and put in a 300 degree oven for 20 to 30 minutes until lightly golden brown and dry. Be sure to allow the warm bread to cool before making the crumbs or your dry crumbs will become moist. Dry bread crumbs are most easily made in a food processor. Use a metal blade to make coarse crumbs or a grating blade to make finer crumbs. If you don't have a food processor, a standard hand grater will do the trick. You can store dry bread crumbs in the freezer in an airtight container for up to 3 months.

  • Fresh bread crumbs. You can make ⅓ cup of bread crumbs from 1 slice of fresh bread. It takes 3 slices of bread to make 1 cup of fresh bread crumbs.
  • Fresh bread crumbs are best when made at home and used immediately. The breads used to make soft or fresh bread crumbs are not quite as dry, so the crumbs are larger and produce a softer coating, crust, or stuffing. If you're making them by hand, cut the bread into small cubes or tear into small pieces. If you want finer bread crumbs use a food processor on the small cubes or pieces.

  • Day-old or stale bread crumbs. You can get ⅓ cup of day old bread crumbs from a slice of bread. It takes 3 slices of bread to make 1 cup of fresh bread crumbs.
  • Normally day-old bread is not stale enough to make good bread crumbs; there is still too much moisture in it. I find I still need to put it in the oven to dry it out some. Place the bread on a baking sheet and put in a 200 degree oven for about 1 hour. Cool the bread on the counter before you proceed to make your bread crumbs in a food processor; the pulse cycle with a metal blade works best for me. Be careful not to use bread that is too stale, it can negatively impact the taste of your dish.

Did you know that on September 19, 1995 a Guinness World Record was set by Wheat Montana Farms Bakery at Three Forks, Montana, USA for the fastest time to produce 13 loaves of bread (a bakers dozen)? It took them 8 minutes 13.6 seconds to go from harvesting and milling the wheat from the field through producing the cooked loaves. They used 13 microwaves to bake the loaves.

Now you know how much bread crumbs is one slice of bread. You can also use our conversion tool below for any custom how many bread crumbs in a... measurements you need. If you are cutting a lot of bread you should consider getting a good serrated bread knife. I often use a Zwilling JA Henckels 8 inch bread knife at home. This is a great brand with consistently good quality and comes in several price points, for example: Zwilling JA Henckels Pro Bread Knife, Twin 4 Star Carbon Stainless Steel Bread Knife, Twin Signature Bread Knife and JA Henckels International Fine Edge Bread Knife. A good knife definitely makes cutting breads quick and easy!

A Slice of Bread Equals

  • There is ¼ Cup (59 mls) of Fine Dried Bread Crumbs in a Slice of Bread
  • There is ⅓ Cup (79 mls) of Fresh Bread Crumbs in a Slice of Bread
  • There is ⅓ Cup (79 mls) of Day-old Bread Crumbs in a Slice of Bread

Custom Conversions for Slice of Bread

I need:


You need 4.1 Slices of Bread

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