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How to Store Cabbage

General How to Store Cabbage Info

There are several types of cabbage: the common green cabbage, the purple-red color cabbage, the curly light green Savoy cabbage, and the elongated looser leaved Chinese Napa cabbage. These are often used interchangeably.

Short Term Cabbage Storage

Unwashed, firm, compact cabbage keeps up to 2 weeks in the crisper section of the refrigerator; looser-leaf cabbage up to a week.

Sliced cabbage stored in a perforated plastic bag will keep 5 to 6 days, refrigerated in the humid crisper section.

Cabbage Long Term Storage

Long-term storage requires high humidity and 32°F (0°C) temperature.

Solid-core cabbage will keep for 4 to 5 months stored in a humid basement with a temperature of 32°F (0°C). However, prepare yourself for a strong odor as the cabbage gets older. This can be lessened somewhat by layering in wet sand.

Savory and other loose-leaf cabbages store poorly long-term.

Cabbage can be pickled as sauerkraut.

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