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How much Chunks are in a Pineapple?

It can be frustrating to not understand how much of an ingredient you need for a new recipe. Sometimes they give you a quantity of fresh pineapple in volume (2 cups) and sometimes as a weight (4 ounces). But how does that translate to purchasing fresh pineapple from the store. What are they really talking about? How many pineapples are in a pound? In order to help make cooking easier we did some experiments to help tell you exactly how many pineapples you need to buy.

To answer How many cups in a fresh pineapple we went to the local market to check out the fruit section. We selected a 3 pound fresh pineapple for our how many cups are in a pineapple testing sample.

The Smooth Cayenne variety of pineapple is primarily grown in Hawaii and the one most commonly found in North American stores. It is the largest of the 5 varieties and normally weighs between 4 to 6 pounds when fully mature. The other 4 varieties fall into the 2 to 5 pound range.

In order to eat them, pineapples are usually skinned, cored and cut into chunks. After removing that much waste from in a 3 pound medium pineapple you are only left with about 4.5 cups (1065 mls) of cubes. One cup of fresh, peeled and cored pineapple that was cut into 1 inch (2.5 cm) pieces will weigh about 6 ounces (170g). By the way, the pineapple canning industry uses every bit of the "waste" for making alcohol, vinegar and animal feed; they throw out nothing.

When making pineapple juice in a juicer, I get about 1.5 cups (355 mls) or 11 ounces (312 grams) from 1 pound of prepared pineapple. It takes about 1/3 of a pineapple to make 1 cup (237 mls) of fresh juice.

Did you know that pineapples don't actually grow on trees? They come from an herb plant that grows to about 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall. Once picked, pineapples stop ripening. According to the Guinness World Records the heaviest pineapple was recorded in 2013 at 18.25 pounds (8.28 kg) which was grown in Australia by Christine McCallum.

So now whether you need fresh pineapple chunks or juice you'll be able to easily figure out how much is in a fresh pineapple. You can also use our conversion tool below for any custom how many cups in a... measurements you need. If you use a lot of pineapple you should consider getting a good stainless steel corer. They are inexpensive and make quick work of peeling, slicing and de-coring a pineapple all at once. There are several models that will do the trick, but I use a CyberlandUSA brand at home. If you enjoy drinking and cooking with fresh squeezed juice as much as I do, consider purchasing a juicer. I suggest the Breville compact Juice Fountain; it's a solid middle of the road priced model that has worked well for me. It's easy to clean and assemble, and its smaller size makes it easy to store.

A Pineapple Equals

  • There is 4 ½ Cups (1065 mls) of Chunks Pineapple in a Pineapple

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