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How to Store Raspberries

General How to Store Raspberries Info

Fresh raspberries are highly perishable; use as soon as possible after picking or purchasing to ensure the best flavor, appearance and nutrient content.

How to Ripen Raspberries

Raspberries do not ripen further after picking, so select fully ripe, plump and solid colored berries to purchase or pick.

Short Term Raspberry Storage

If not used immediately, remove berries from their container right after picking or purchasing. Arrange unwashed berries in a single layer in a shallow container, loosely cover, and refrigerate. Use fresh raspberries within 1 or 2 days for best quality.

Raspberry Long Term Storage

Tray-freeze unsweetened raspberries, pack loosely in freezer bags and use as you would fresh berries in spreads, pies, puddings and sauces.

Raspberries do not produce a good dried product because of their high seed content and slow drying rate.

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